Design Details

We have about 450 designs of very affordable decor accessories. The items include, but not limited to, sculptural ornamental objects, dishes and bowls, boxes, photograph frames, salad servers and cutlery items, candlesticks, vases, horn jewellery items, coasters, pots and planters, trays, table place setting items, bags and bar accessories.
Here are few pictures of various design details to give you an idea of the type and variety of items we have and the materials used.


Design Details - Nickel Plated Aluminium Free Form Ice Bucket/Wine Cooler With Scoop

Design Details - Large Openwork Aluminium Basket Shape With Handles

Design Details - Very Large Handmade Frosted Emerald, White And Grey Glass Vase With Chisel Cut Irregular Circles Exposing The Frosted Emerald Glass

Design Details - Handmade Tall Clear And Red Bubble Glass Vase

Design Details - Nickel Plated Aluminium Open Branch Work Basket/Jar With Bird Motif Lid

Materials 6

Materials 7

Materials 8

Materials 9

Materials 15

Design Details - Very Large Nickel Plated Aluminium Shell Bowl

Design Details - Low Round Narrow Mouth Form Handmade Frosted Emerald And White Glass Vase With Long Deep Grooves

Design Details - Rectangular Glass Vase With Ribbed Finish With Lilac Stripe

Design Details - Nickel Plated Aluminium Art Nouveau Scalloped Edge Dish On Stand With Two Handles

Design Details - Medium Rectangular Raised Edge Horn Dish With Burnished Tear Drop Pattern

Design Details - Nickel Plated Aluminium Ice Bucket Or Champagne/Wine Cooler With Bird Motif

Design Details - Set Of 4 Round Horn Coasters With Burnished Swirl Motif

Round Black Horn Tray With Glass Top And Horn Handles Supplied With Cheese Knife

Set Of Four Nickel Plated Aluminium Dragonfly Motif Serviette Rings

Rectangular Photograph Frame With Light Horn Oval Rings

Orange Purin Plait Handbag With Leather Trim And Round Handles

Handmade Frosted Glass Votive/Vase With White And Black Sand Dune Cut Swirl

Materials 11

Materials 12

Materials 13

Materials 14

Materials 16

Sleek Mallet Finish Collection Cocktail Shaker

Handmade Clear And White Glass Square Bowl With Horizontal Chisel Cut

Aluminium Sculptural Piece With Elliptical Form With Knot On Round Base

Set Of Four Flat Tapered Square Horn Serviette Rings

Rectangular Box With Light And Dark Mother Of Pearl Stripes

Tall Flared Neck Vase With Fluted Top And Circle Motif Middle

Large Nickel Plated Aluminium Leaf Dish With Looped Stem Handle

Materials 1

Materials 2

Materials 3

Materials 4

Materials 5

Nickel Plated Aluminium Open Work Coral Form Dish With Crab, Starfish And Shell Motif

Rectangular Metal Covered Photograph Frame With Elongated Dimples

Handmade Frosted White Glass Vase With Green Glass Exposed Circles With Sloping Cut Neck